Real Estate

You may wonder what Voorneman Geenen may do for you if you consider a real estate transaction in France, Italy or Spain. In short, there is a team of specialised civil law notaries, lawyers and legal advisors, some of whom are native speakers, that has an extensive network of professionals in those countries. This allows them to protect your interests to the fullest.

In each of these countries we are able to:

  • coordinate, control and monitor the entire legal process of buying, selling, inheritance and development of real estate, in close collaboration with local notaries and legal advisors;
  • assist local advisors in fiscal and estate planning related practices, in consultation with Dutch fiscal and estate planning advisors;
  • keep in close contact with local notaries and advisors to ascertain a smooth transaction in the local jurisdiction;
  • create relevant documentation in the language concerned, for instance notarial deeds with regard to Dutch mortgages and powers of attorney for the passing of documents in the local jurisdiction;
  • take care of the required cadastral and zoning research, inspections and registrations, and fill in the applications for the needed permits;
  • keep in contact with our network of trusted legal, fiscal and financial advisors to meet the demands and wishes of each client;
  • translate relevant legal and general documentation;
  • if needed, accompany or represent the client at the passing of the deeds at the local notary.

Corporate Law

This mainly concerns the founding of Dutch companies by foreign clients. We will take care of:

  • writing the articles of association in Dutch and translating these in the language concerned;
  • the application for a certificate of good conduct at the Ministry of Justice;
  • passing the deed of incorporation of the company;
  • the registration in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • supplying transcripts;
  • the creation of a register of shareholders;
  • all other necessary actions.

This is not an exhaustive overview of our services. If you would like to receive more information about our practice, you are welcome to get in contact with us. Click here for our contact details.

French practice
Nicole de Taeye

Italian practice
Carolina van Hellenberg Hubar – Ramacciotti

Spanish practice
Myrthe Groesbeek